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Flash News Release specializes in high profile placement across all media platforms. We manage media relations outreach, public relations positioning, corporate messaging, marketing and branding activities involving reputation management. We deliver compelling initiatives and the strategic consulting that supports commercial or political objectives.

Founded in 2010, Flash News Release is an integrated online communications agency with a core expertise in Public Relations, located in India. As a growing newswire firm, we challenge ourselves every day to exceed client expectations. As former news producers and journalists, versed in story production values, we anticipate the media's deadlines, craft newsworthy client stories, and leverage valued editorial relationships with top TV producers, editors, reporters, analysts, columnists, bloggers and syndicated writers.

Flash News Release is the place where traditional media press releases are supercharged with multimedia, social media, and search engine optimization, to give you the most visibility for your news releases. Our SEO press releases, multimedia press releases, and newswire press release distribution puts your news in front of the right people at the right time.

Our press release distribution service gives you everything you need to get attention, improve search engine rankings, and drive more business to your door.

Our Mission:
Flash News Release strives for excellence in providing publishers with a cost effective and affordable press release distribution service delivering compelling and newsworthy stories to the world.

Our Commitment:
Flash News Release is committed to providing only the best in quality news. We will not publish news articles or stories that we feel is unfit for publication through our service. Such stories include promotion of violence, hatred, racism, pornography/sexually explicit information, advertisements or releases that are written for the purpose of bringing harm or damage to a third party.

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