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Flash News Release offers you professional services to help reach your content and message to the masses. Your views, opinions, innovations, recognitions and achievements can reach your target audience effectively and in a convincing manner. From drafting a newsworthy Press Release to distribute it through reliable networks, Flash News Release allows you to share your valuable information and help build or improve your reputation.

At Flash News Release, we offer web based distribution services that help our clients get the widest coverage for their press releases on more than 600+ newspaper, radio, and TV news websites, along with inclusions on hundreds of blogs and social media platforms. Unlike other news distribution services, we guarantee publication with our advanced web-based services.

Our web-based services assure better brand building potential because:

* We target top news websites locally, nationally, and internationally.
* We help create a powerful presence on the most happening news websites for your industry.
* Our guaranteed inclusion features assure more eyeballs on the web.

Our press release distribution service help you establish a solid presence on social media by sharing your news stories across the most popular social media channels, including Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon, Delicious, Tumblr, and others.

Clients can see thousands of Google indexed pages of their press release and also access a live link report where they can check the news websites on which their release has been published along with the Google title search.

With our press release distribution experience, clients are assured of better online visibility and a steadily increasing traffic that will do wonders to your brand name.